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Glovebox was established in 2006, by Paul Anderson, he was a former N.S.W light heavy weight champion, and was mentored by former Olympic Boxing Trainer Charlie Smith.

Paul has been involved in the boxing industry for the past 25 years, and in that time he has worked with many elite sports people, and has the knowledge and training skills to provide you with a great boxing experience.


                  "I HAVE LEARNT FROM THE BEST
                            SO I INTEND TO GIVE YOU MY BEST"


Glovebox prides itself on catering to all levels of fitness, it is our aim to instil discipline, confidence, self-esteem and a sense of pride in the way people present and express themselves. It doesn't matter whether you're a beginner or a professional you will always feel welcomed. We don't tolerate big egos and bullies are shown the door.


  • Technical Drills - Comprising of basic punching i.e moving hands with feet , turning the hand over to hit with the 2 top knuckles.
  • Short Circuit Training - A combination of exercises performed in 1 minute burst, moving from exercise to exercise with a 15 second break.
  • Weight Training - A series of exercises performed with small hand weights , concentrating on body toning, weight loss and conditioning.
  • Stretching - Advanced stretching techniques -and cooling down.

All classes other than competition boxers will be 60 minutes duration.


    1. All classes at Glovebox are to be booked on line, if you miss your booked class you forfeit your class.
    2. Classes CAN NOT be carried over to the following week.
    3. All contracts run for a 12 week period these classes must also be used in this time and CAN NOT be carried over into the next contract period.
    4. To terminate your contract we need a minimum of 30 days notice, given in writing.